Bologna Design Gallery

Bologna Design Gallery

Bologna Design Gallery is a venue entirely devoted to 20th-century design and applied arts. Sprung from the love of 20th-century craftsmanship and decor, the gallery is both a centre for research on the various proposals that have characterised Italian design and a workshop for the study and selection of unique pieces for the market, with a special focus on designers such as Gio Ponti, Ettore Sottsass, Max Ingrand, Gino Sarfatti, Franco Albini, Ico Parisi, Melchiorre Bega.


The gallery's aim is to highlight the remarkable creative and artistic heritage of the past century. As this chiefly took the form of ‘interior furnishings', it still remains largely unknown, or the privilege of a few private buyers.


The gallery is a place open to all: collectors, enthusiasts, design and architecture students, or simply people wishing to explore with us one of the many tales that have shaped 20th-century Italian design.

The Monofilo chairs

Sprung from pioneering research by Luciano Grassi, Sergio Conti and Marta Forlani, the Monofilo chairs are artisan items crafted by blending nylon and iron.


Their origin and source of inspiration lies in soap bubbles and in the shapes these take in an enclosed perimeter.